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Iced Viognier 2018

$25 per bottle

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Region: Frankland River
Variety: 100% Viognier
Alcohol: 11.5%


Tasting notes

There was little influence from Botrytis in the 2018 Vintage (as compared to the previous). The lower Botrytis influence makes for a cleaner, fresher style; although the concentration of typical Viognier characters is very evident. Rich, ripe apricot notes with a luscious, smooth palate. The intense sweetness in kept in balance from the modest alcohol and integrated acidity. It is not a wine for the faint hearted, the flavours are intense and powerful; but would make a wonderful accompaniment to complex dessert dishes.

Tasting notes (PDF download)
2018, 2016, 2014

Season notes

The 2018 was as close to perfect as we have ever seen in Western Australia. Good winter rains and mild early Spring weather allowed the vines to establish healthy canopies and well balanced fruit loads. The mild/sunny weather continued with little in the way of extremes allowing for minimal disease pressure and even ripening and flavour development. A near perfect Autumn enabled picking to occur at optimum flavour and sugar development. We are expecting great things from this vintage.


In the true essence of its namesake this wine is very experimental in nature. Taking naturally ripened Viognier as far as the vine will allow and then freezing the hand-picked grapes for 7 days at minus 15°C. This freezing process concentrates the sugar in the grapes and, more importantly, concentrates the flavour compounds in the resulting juice. Only 350L per tonne is extracted and the grapes must be pressed twice as they are basically solid lumps of ice. This vintage saw considerable ‘noble rot’ Botrytis infection which added further complexity of flavour. The goal with this style of wine is to find the balance of flavour, acidity, alcohol and sugar of this amazingly concentrated juice.

Wine data

Alcohol: 11.5%
pH: 3.67
T/A: 8.0g/L
Residual Sugar: 250g/L

Picking data

Date picked: 22nd April 2016
Baume: 15.5
pH: 3.78
T/A: 6.15g/L

Freezing data

Baume: 21.4
pH: 3.54
T/A: 8.6g/L